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Want to change how teens view financial literacy? Offer Money Mission®, an online financial literacy simulation for 15 to 18-year-olds.

Money Mission won't bore students with reading or exams. Instead, the game allows players, through a personalized avatar, to live in a virtual community in which they work, play, study, and take advantage of opportunities and adventures.

In the real world, it takes years to learn the financial lessons that Money Mission offers in every online session games and videos. The immersive, competitive learning experience helps students learn the value of money. In less than a week, Money Mission can be connected to your credit union's website. Request information today.


“Finally, a way for credit unions to effectively and efficiently reach the youth market.”
     - Matt Selke, President, Peoples Choice Credit Union

“We need to produce better financial citizens. Money Mission will help.”
     - Mike Mallow, President, Sheboygan Area Credit Union