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Get the Most from Your Subscription

Use these free marketing tools to promote Anytime Adviser to your members and build effective links.

Use this link to reach your Anytime Adviser Set-up & Customization page. (If you have subscribed but cannot recall your password, click here to pick a new one.)

Linking Strategies

Linking goes two ways. You can place links to Anytime Adviser coaches on your Web pages, AND you can customize links within Anytime Adviser to take members BACK to specific pages on your site.

Your subscription allows you unlimited links from your Web site to Anytime Adviser—so take advantage of them. The Anytime Adviser logo button on your home page is the clearest, easiest way to generate traffic. If the logo doesn’t match your site’s style, use text links. You can link to the Anytime Adviser opening page or to any Coach separately.

The goal is to catch the member early in the decision-making process.

Here are plenty of ideas…

You can call the product:

Create links to Anytime Adviser from these categories on your Web site:

Create links to the New Car and Used Car Buying Coaches from these pages on your Web site:

Create links to the Home Buying Coach from these pages on your Web site:

Create links to the Checking Account Coach from these pages on your Web site:

Create links to the Credit Management Coach from these pages on your Web site:

Create links to the Identity Theft Coach from these pages on your Web site:


Customize with CU Name and Links Back to CU
Linking goes two ways. You can place links to Anytime Adviser coaches on your Web pages, AND you can customize links within Anytime Adviser to take members BACK to specific pages on your site.

You can customize Anytime Adviser specifically for your credit union in 10 minutes using our simple online form.

To customize Anytime Adviser, you’ll need:

Follow this link and enter your ID and password.

(When you subscribed to Anytime Adviser, you selected a password. Your user name is your 5-digit CUNA ID. If you have subscribed but cannot recall your ID and password, contact our customer service staff. To select a new password, click here.)

Customization opportunities

1) Add credit union name to each coach.
You have the option of showing your credit union’s name at the top of each Anytime Adviser coach. All you will need to do is type in the name on the customization form. If you change your name, you can update the form anytime.

2) Link from CU name to CU home page.
You have the option of creating a link from your credit union’s name in Anytime Adviser back to a page on your credit union’s site. The logical choice is to link back to your home page.

3) Receive comments from members.
Each coach invites members to contact your credit union. You can enter an e-mail address to receive these comments.

4) Link from specific Anytime Adviser coaches to specific CU pages.
Each Anytime Adviser coach offers you two links back to specific pages on your Web site. That’s a total of 12 links. Each coach has a step-by-step wizard to guide you through customizing. We have default suggestions (most are “See our rates” or “Apply online”), which you may use or change—simply type in your own phrase. You may change the wording of these linking phrases and the pages they link back to on your site at anytime. If you choose not to link at all, the phrases will not appear on your coaches.

5) Turn off a coach.
You have the option of turning off any of the coaches, in which case your members will not have access. If, for example, a credit union did not offer mortgages, it might choose to turn off the Home Buying Coach. The default is to show all coaches.

6) Turn off external links.
Anytime Adviser coaches provide links to helpful Web sites with free information. Most of these sites support themselves with paid advertising, and some of these advertisers will offer products that compete with your own. The default is to allow these links. If you find this unacceptable, you may turn off the links to external Web sites.

Successful Sites:
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Want to present Anytime Adviser to your senior management or board of directors? Here is a Power Point presentation that outlines the highlights of Anytime Adviser.

Newsletter Articles

(Spanish language versions follow each title)

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Did you know that an estimated 9.9 million* Americans were victims of identity theft last year? Typically, it takes 14 months before a victim discovers identity theft—then it can take years to resolve.

Don’t become identity theft’s next victim. There are simple precautions that will keep your identity safe. The new Anytime Adviser Identity Theft Coach shows you how to protect your personal and financial information, plus alerts you to the warning signs that someone may be using your identity.

Online identity theft is becoming increasingly common and danger could be lurking around your p.c. This coach puts special emphasis on computer safety, including e-mailing precautions and online shopping security. Learn how to detect phishing e-mails and spoofed Internet sites.

Try the new Identity Theft Coach online today at [INSERT YOUR CREDIT UNION’S WEB ADDRESS HERE].

*FTC Survey 2003

This article translates to Spanish as:
Protéjase del Robo de Identidad

¿Sabia que un estimado indica que 9.9 millones de estadounidenses fueron victima del robo de identidad el año pasado? Típicamente toma 14 meses antes de que una victima descubre el robo—puede tomar años en resolverse.

No se convierta en la próximo victima. Hay precauciones muy simples que debe mantener para salvaguardar su identidad. El Consejero a Cualquier Hora sobre Robo de Identidad muestra como proteger su información personal y financiera además de alertarle de que alguien esta usando su identidad.

El robo de identidad por internet se esta convirtiendo en un peligro común que acecha en su computadora. Este consejero pone un énfasis especial en seguridad en su computadora, incluyendo su correo electrónico y seguridad al hacer compras por internet. Aprenda como detectar correos tipo “phishing” y sitios internet “fantasmas”.

Pruebe el Consejero sobre Robo de Identidad vía internet hoy [INSERT YOUR CREDIT UNION’S WEB ADDRESS HERE].

* Encuesta de FTC 2003

Home Sweet Home Buying Coach

If you're interested in buying a house, we know of a site worth checking into. Not a plot of land or neighborhood, but a Web site— ours. Introducing the Anytime Adviser Home Buying Coach, our new online resource that walks you through the home-buying process and helps you make the choice that's best for you.

With the Home Buying Coach, you can do more than just read the valuable information. You can actually train yourself on home buying, with interactive quizzes, checklists, role-playing, and more. Here are a few of the skills you'll gain from the Coach:

Go to our Web site to give the Home Buying Coach a try. We'll help you feel at home when you shop, and ultimately, when you buy. We can also help you feel good about your loan, since we offer fewer and lower fees, better rates, and more personal service. Call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE] for details.

This article translates to Spanish as:
Consejero para la Compra del Hogar Dulce Hogar

Si estás interesado en comprar una casa, sabemos de un sitio que vale la pena ver. No una parcela de tierra en el vecindario, sino que un sitio internet—el nuestro. La introducción del Consejero de Compra de Hogar, o nuestro nuevo recurso ilustra paso a paso el proceso de compra y le ayudad a seleccionar la opción que es mejor para Usted.

Con la información del Consejero para la Compra del Hogar, Usted puede hacer mucho más que leer información de valor. Puede capacitarse en la compra con pruebas interactivas, listas de cotejo, juego de rol y mucho más. Las siguientes son unas pocas habilidades que obtendría de este Consejero:

Entre en nuestro sito internet para probar el Consejero de Compra de Hogar. Le ayudaremos a sentirse como en casa cuando busca y finalmente cuando compra la vivienda. También le podemos ayudar a sentirse bien en cuanto a su préstamo dado que ofrecemos menos y cargos más bajos, mejores tasas y un servicio personalizado. Para mayor información llámenos a [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE]

Our Car Buying Coaches Help You Get Winning Results

Are you in the market for a new or used car? Our credit union team now has Anytime Adviser New and Used Car Buying Coaches to help you get ahead in the car-buying game. These valuable new resources on our Web site offer insights on everything from researching dealer costs to negotiating with salespeople.

The more information you have going into the dealership, the more comfortable you’ll feel – and the better you’ll come out. Make sure you get the car and the price you want by training with our New and Used Car Buying Coaches before you go shopping. Here are just a few of the advantages you get from the Coaches:

Go to our Web site and take our New or Used Car Buying Coach for a test drive. We’ll help you get the vehicle that’s best for you – and we can help you get the best loan, too. To find out more about our competitive auto interest rates and personal service, call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

This article translates to Spanish as:

Nuestros Consejeros de Compra le Ayudan a Obtener Resultados Ganadores

¿Desea comprar un auto nuevo o usado? Nuestro equipo en la cooperativa ahora tiene Consejeros a Cualquier Hora de Compra de Auto Nuevo o Usado para ayudarle a obtener el mejor precio. Estos nuevos y válidos recursos en nuestro sitio internet ofrecen consejos que van desde la investigación del costo al distribuidor hasta la negociación con el vendedor.

Entre más información Usted tiene cuando llega a la agencia, se sentirá más cómodo—y tendrá mejores resultados. Asegúrese de obtener el auto y el precio que desea al educarse con nuestros Consejeros de Compra de Auto Nuevo o Usado antes de ir de compras.

Vaya a nuestro sitio internet y familiarícese con el Consejero. Le ayudaremos a comprar el mejor vehículo para Usted- y le podemos ayudar a obtener el mejor préstamo también. Para ver mayor información sobre nuestras competitivas tasas de interés y servicio personal, llámenos a [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

Check out our Checking Account Coach

A coach, for checking? You’re probably thinking, “Hey, I already know how to write a check.” But there are things you might not know about your checking account. Important things, like how to protect your check from fraud, easy ways to keep track of what’s in your account, and how you can save time and money in checking.

That’s why [INSERT CREDIT UNION NAME HERE] offers the Checking Account Coach on our Web site. Just go to [INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE], and get the how-to information you need to simplify your checking-related tasks and find the right account for your needs. Here are some of the valuable features the Coach has to offer:

So go to our Web site to give the Checking Account Coach a try. After all, tips on how to make your checking easier, smarter, and overall better for you are worth checking into. To find out more about our checking account features and benefits, call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

This article translates to Spanish as:
Consejero para su Cuenta de Cheques

¿Un consejero para los cheques? Probablemente está pensando, “Ya se como girar un cheque”. Sin embargo, hay cosas que quizás no sepa sobre su chequera. Cosas importante tales como proteger su cuenta de fraudes, formas fáciles de rastrear lo que hay en su cuenta y como puede ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

Es por ello que su [INSERT CREDIT UNION NAME HERE] ofrece un Consejero de Cuenta de Cheques en su sitio Internet. Solamente, vaya a [ INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE] y obtenga información de cómo simplificar sus tareas relacionadas a la cuenta de cheques al igual que encontrar la mejor cuenta para satisfacer sus necesidades. Aquí tenemos algunas de las características importantes del consejero de chequera:

Así que diríjase a nuestro sitio Internet, sección de Consejero de Cuentas de Cheques y practique. Después de todo, los consejos sobre como facilitar las transacciones con cheques valen la pena. Para obtener más información sobre las características y beneficios de su chequera, llámenos [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE]

Credit Management Coach puts you back in charge

Debt-free. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You can get rid of that four-letter word, debt – or at least get it under control. To find out how to manage credit to achieve your goals, check out the Credit Management Coach on our Web site.

The Credit Management Coach will help you set your goals, reduce spending, avoid those impulse purchases, improve your credit rating, and much more. Here are some of the valuable features the Coach has to offer:

So visit the Credit Management Coach today, and take a load off your credit statements and your shoulders. To find out more about the features and benefits of our credit cards, call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

This article translates to Spanish as:
El Consejero para el Manejo del Crédito lo pone en Control

Sin deudas, que bueno, ¿no? Para saber como manejar su crédito y conseguir sus metas, estudie el Consejero para el Manejo de Crédito en nuestra página de internet.

El Consejero para la administración de Crédito le ayudará a conseguir sus metas, reducir gastos y evitar compras impulsivas, mejorar su calificación de crédito y mucho más. Entre las herramientas tenemos:

Vea el Consejero para el Manejo del Crédito hoy. Para obtener más información sobre las características y beneficios de nuestras tarjetas, llámenos al [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

Money: The more you know, the farther it goes

Got a tough financial question? Anytime Adviser® is an easy way to find the answer. Online and always accessible, Anytime Adviser is a series of seven coaching modules that will help shed some light on some big financial decisions.

The coaching modules include simulations, calculators, games and quizzes – tools designed to share insight in a variety of interesting formats. It’s the ideal way to learn about new and used car buying, home buying, ID theft, checking accounts, credit card management and money management for couples.

Available whenever you need them, the Anytime Adviser® coaches are a reliable source of financial information for the big decisions in your life. And you can take comfort in knowing the material is provided by the most trusted financial source anywhere on the market – your credit union.

Anytime is the right time for good financial advice

Making the right financial decisions is no easy task in today’s crazy-busy world. There are hundreds of variables, and no one has the time to understand them all.

With Anytime Adviser®, you don’t need time – you just need a Web browser. This invaluable, online resource can help you with all your big financial decisions. Anytime Adviser includes a series of Web-based coaching modules that provide guidance on new and used car buying; home buying; ID theft; checking accounts; credit card management; and money management for couples.

And the best part is that Anytime Adviser is available wherever and whenever you need it – giving you added flexibility and convenience. It’s another service provided by a reliable source of financial information: Your credit union. Visit your Anytime Adviser today!

Ways to Incorporate Anytime Adviser Into Your Promotions

Here are two pieces that show how CUNA Credit Union included Anytime Adviser coaches as part of a car loan promotion. Copyright 2003 CUNA Credit Union.

Quiz & Certificate for Couples & Money Coach

Would you like to reward couples who complete the Couples & Money Coach? Consider building a page with a link to this quiz. At the end of the quiz, a couple can print a certificate, proving completion. Just be sure to load the quiz and the certificate into the same directory on your server.

You can invite couples to bring the certificate to a branch for a special reward...a discounted rate on refinancing, $25 in a new checking account, one year's safe deposit box rental, or whatever you'd like to promote. If you want to offer an even larger gift, you can require that they also bring in a copy of their completed budget.

Anytime Adviser On-Hold Message Script

Whether you’re thinking of buying a car, a home, or just looking to get better control of your finances, try out Anytime Adviser online Coaches on our Web site, [address here]. Through interactive exercises and simulation games, you’ll learn how to make financial decisions you can be proud of.