Financial Education On Demand … for members
Short online courses for your website

If you want your members to have instant access to member education, Financial Education On Demand is the answer!

Financial Education on Demand for Members
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Having a variety of tools in your member financial education toolbox — particularly in volatile economic times — has never been so vital:

As a busy credit union professional, you know how difficult it is to reach members — who also are busy —with information that can help them make informed financial decisions in a complex marketplace.

Financial Education On Demand is one tool that gives your members 24/7 access to financial education — all you do is place it on your website. These online courses are 14 to 17 minutes long. With a single click, members can get tips and learn tricks to manage their personal finances, on a variety of timely topics, including:

What members get:

Value-add for credit unions:

Customize it:
Make sure members see your credit union as a valuable source for education. Each Financial Education On Demand course is a Flash file, but you can customize them with your credit union name and logo if you wish in the bottom left corner of the course screen, on the player bar. Easy do-it-yourself instructions are included when you purchase the files. Worksheets are PDF files and not customizable.

Bring members in:
Foster a relationship with your members. Encourage them to bring completed worksheets back to your credit union for special promotions—discounts off certain loan products, free box of checks, and so on. In addition to value-add for members, it engages members with your credit union and exposes them to more of the valuable financial services you offer.

Easy … and affordable. Save big when you buy 3!

The cost for one Financial Education On Demand course is $250. If you buy 2, the cost drops to $200 each. If you buy 3, the cost is just $150 each. To order, click on the individual titles above, or call 800-356-8010, press 3.

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