How to Get Members to Your Site

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Your site will be more valuable to your members when you promote its content and make it easy to find.

Use this link to reach your Plan It Set-up & Customization page. If you have subscribed but cannot recall your ID and password, just create a new one here. The product code for Plan It is: PLAN (all caps).

Get the most from your subscription by using these free marketing tools to promote Plan It to your members:


Customize with logos and links
Customize Plan It with your credit union information using our simple online form—it only takes ten minutes. Change and update the information you provide on the form at any time.

What you can customize:

You’ll need:

Follow this link and enter your ID and password. Click on the “Basic Data” tab at the top of the page and follow directions for each item in the left navigation bar. When you’re finished entering the information in that section, click on the “Core Topics” tab and do the same thing.

User name and password help: When you subscribed to Plan It, you selected a password. Your user name is your 5-digit CUNA ID. If you know your ID but need to select a new password, click here. The product code for Plan It is PLAN (all caps).

If you’ve lost both your ID and password, contact our customer service staff 800-356-9655, ext. 4344.

Linking Strategies

Place the linking button on your home page

The easier you make it to find Plan It, the more likely you'll turn your members into regular readers and more frequent visitors to your Web site.

Ideally, members should find the link to the Plan It right on your home page. Logo buttons (which you can download) are the most obvious and effective links.

However, if a logo button conflicts with your site's design, the next best alternative is to use the name as a text link. That way, members know immediately where the link goes, rather than having to explore indirect connections. And, your subscription allows you unlimited links from your Web site to Plan It— so take advantage of them.

Place the linking button on your secondary pages

Create links from to Plan It from other pages on your site, such as your pages that describe retirement savings, IRAs, college savings, trust services, certificates...whatever you offer that applies to retirement planning. Use the Plan It logo for instant recognition.

Place the linking button on your online branch login page
Let your online members know about this new service as they log in to access their account information.

Place linking buttons within Plan It to take members BACK to specific product or service pages on your Web site

Ideally, whatever destination you choose, the specific service you want members to consider should appear on the first screen they see, so that members have no doubt they've come to the right place. The more direct you make the links, the more useful they'll be to your members.

Logos and Graphics

As a Plan It subscriber, you may download these free images for use on your Web site and in your print communications.

Linking Button

Plan It linking button, click to enlarge

To download the low-resolution images for Web use, place your cursor over the image, right-click, and choose the "Save Picture As" option. For a larger sized version, first click on the image to view the full-size version then right-click and choose the "Save Picture As" option. Specify a directory on your computer or your LAN where you will save the image. Links shown are to high-resolution versions.


Image 1 Plan It couple, click to enlarge Download a low-resolution JPEG for Web use

Download a high-resolution TIF for use on print materials (15MB)
Image 2 Plan It female, click to enlarge Download a low-resolution JPEG for Web use

Download a high-resolution TIF for use on print materials (15MB)
Image 3 Plan It computer couple, click to enlarge Download a low-resolution JPEG for Web use

Download a high-resolution TIF for use on print materials (29MB)
Image 4 Download a low-resolution JPEG for Web use
Image 5 Download a low-resolution JPEG for Web use

Newsletter Articles or Email Messages

Use these free articles in your newsletter and other communications with members to announce and promote new products and draw viewers to Plan It.

Article 1:
The time and place to prepare for retirement is here and now.

Get ready for retirement with Plan ItTM: Retire Ready Toolkit. It's a free online resource that can help you plan for—and achieve—retirement security. Access articles, listen to audio clips, run "what if" financial longevity scenarios, and listen in on the financial conversations on PreRetiree Lane.

Let Plan ItTM help improve your financial future. Visit {CU Web site URL} today!

Article 2:
Plan your retirement party today

No matter how far off retirement planning may seem, no one should delay it. We have made the process easy by providing you with an easy online planning solution – the Plan It™: Retire Ready Toolkit.

The toolkit provides you with retirement information in a variety of different formats, including articles, audio, calculators, and quick tips. And not only will you learn about retirement, you'll be able to put your newfound knowledge to use by building your own personal profile.

Don't make the mistake of delaying your retirement planning – think about what it will take to retire right by using the Plan It™: Retire Ready Toolkit.

Article 3:
The right tool to help you paint the big picture

If thinking about the big picture – your retirement – makes your head hurt, we would like to offer you a simple solution. Plan It™: Retire Ready Toolkit is a simple, easy-to-use information resource for learning about retirement and making the appropriate plans.

No matter what your learning style, retirement planning information is presented in a variety of formats. The toolkit has frequently asked questions, tutorials, and quick tips, all filled with useful tips. You can use this information to create your own personal profile and determine what it takes to meet your long-term financial goals.

The Plan It: Retire Ready Toolkit also provides you with the opportunity to calculate how long your retirement will savings last. Get started today by checking out the Plan It: Retire Ready Toolkit at...

Successful Sites

Let preretirees know upfront that you have something special for them. Explore the sites of these credit unions to see the different ways they’ve successfully integrated Plan It and other LifeStage personal finance tools from CUNA:


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