How to Get Members to Your Site

Your subscription increases in value when you share the link, inviting more Spanish speakers (members and potential members) to use El Poder es TuyoTM.

Click here to reach your El Poder es Tuyo Customization & Installation page. If you have subscribed but cannot recall your ID and password, just create a new one here. The product code for El Poder es Tuyo is: TUYO (all caps).

Get the most from your subscription by using these free marketing tools to promote El Poder es Tuyo throughout the Hispanic community:


Customize with CU Name, Link to CU Web Site, and Contact E-mail
Customize your credit union’s subscription to El Poder es Tuyo page in just five minutes using our simple online form.

To customize El Poder es Tuyo, you’ll need:

Follow this link and enter your user name and password.

(When you subscribed to El Poder es Tuyo, you selected a password. If you have subscribed but cannot recall your password, you can select a new password.)

Customization opportunities

1) Add credit union name to every page.
You have the option of prominently displaying your credit union’s name on every page of El Poder es Tuyo. Just type in the credit union name on the customization form. If you change your name, you can update the form anytime.

2) Link from CU name in El Poder to services on CU Web site.
You have the option of creating a link from your credit union’s name in El Poder es Tuyo back to a page on your credit union ’s site. The logical choice is to link to a Spanish language page about your products and services or to your home page.

3) Receive comments from members.
At the bottom of each page is a link (Contáctanos) for viewers to contact your credit union. To activate this link, just enter an e-mail address to receive these comments. It’s best to use a general address, such as “,” that is checked every day. To ensure these comments reach you, ask your IT team to white list all messages from

Linking Strategies

Since your subscription allows unlimited links to El Poder es Tuyo, take advantage of them. The El Poder es Tuyo logo button on your home page is the clearest, easiest way to generate traffic. If the logo doesn ’t match your site’s style, use text links. You can link to the El Poder es Tuyo opening page or to each of the three categories (Hogar, Familia, and Futuro) separately.

You can even create your own introductory page to El Poder es Tuyo using the product logo, newsletter copy, and the three category linking buttons. Take it a step further and link directly to new articles, coaches, or calculators.

Encourage others to link to El Poder es Tuyo. E-mail a linking button and the URL to organizations that might reach Spanish speakers. This is your opportunity to share financial education and bring in new members. See about getting a link into the hands of:

Logos and Graphics

Here are free images you can download. Use low-resolution images (.jpg) as linking buttons on your Web site or in e-mail and high-resolution images (.eps) in your print promotions.

To download the low-resolution images, place your cursor over the image, right-click, and choose the "Save Picture As" option. Specify a directory on your computer or your network where you will save the image.

To download a high-resolution, scaleable EPS image, click on the EPS file links below the images and save.

Use these logos on your Web site and Web sites in the Hispanic community to bring viewers to your subscription:

El Poder Es Tuyo
[EPS version]
El Poder Es Tuyo
[EPS version]
El Poder Es Tuyo
(The Power Is Yours: Home, Family, Future)
[EPS version]
Build your own Spanish language page and link separately to each of the three sections:
[EPS version]

(The Power Is Yours: Improve Your Home)
[EPS version]
[EPS version]

(The Power Is Yours: Inspire Your Family)
[EPS version]
[EPS version]

(The Power Is Yours: Embark Upon Your Future)
[EPS version]

Newsletter Articles

Manage Your Money!

[Insert CU Name] would like to introduce El Poder es Tuyo! Our credit union recognizes that while many of our members strive to learn English, they may currently feel more comfortable learning about financial matters in Spanish. El Poder es Tuyo is a free, Spanish, personal finance Web site that contains a variety of financial information for your home, your family and your future. You will find articles, videos, and exercises to help you manage your money and meet your financial goals.

Connect to the Internet, visit our Web site, and from there click on El Poder es Tuyo. You should connect frequently, as there will be new content added every week. If you have any questions about how to use the Web site or questions about your personal finances, contact us at [insert a phone number or e-mail address].

This article translates to Spanish as:
¡Administra tu dinero!

¡[Insert CU Name] le presenta El Poder es Tuyo! Reconocemos que mientras muchos de nuestros socios se esfuerzan por aprender inglés, por ahora les es más cómodo aprender sobre asuntos financieros en español. El Poder es Tuyo es un sitio Web en español para sus finanzas personales que contiene una variedad de información financiera sobre su Hogar, su Familia y su Futuro. Encontrará artículos, videos y ejercicios para ayudarle a manejar su dinero y lograr sus metas financieras.

Conéctese al Internet, visite nuestra página Web y de allí haga clic en El Poder es Tuyo. Cada semana habrá material nuevo, así que conéctese frecuentemente. Si tiene cualquier pregunta sobre como usar el sitio Web o sobre sus finanzas personales, contáctenos al [insert a phone number or e-mail address].

Home Sweet Home Buying Coach

If you're interested in buying a house, we know of a site worth checking into. Not a plot of land or neighborhood, but a Web site—ours. Introducing the Home Buying Coach in Spanish, our new online resource that walks you through the home-buying process and helps you make the choice that's best for you.
With the Home Buying Coach, you can do more than just read the valuable information. You can actually train yourself on home buying, with interactive quizzes, checklists, role-playing, and more. Here are a few of the skills you'll gain from the Coach:

Go to our Web site to give the Home Buying Coach a try—it’s part of El Poder es Tuyo. We'll help you feel at home when you shop, and ultimately, when you buy. We can also help you feel good about your loan, since we offer fewer and lower fees, better rates, and more personal service. Call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE] for details.

This article translates to Spanish as:
Consejero para la Compra de su Hogar

Si esta interesado en comprar una casa, sabemos de un sitio que vale la pena ver. No es un terreno o un vecindario, sino un sitio Web—el nuestro. Le presentamos el Consejero de Compra de Hogar, este recurso ilustra paso a paso el proceso de la compra de una casa y le ayudad a seleccionar la opción que es mejor para usted.
Con la información del Consejero para la Compra de su Hogar, usted puede hacer mucho más que leer información de valor. Puede capacitarse en el proceso de la compra de una casa con pruebas interactivas, listas de cotejo, juego de rol y mucho más. Las siguientes son unas pocas habilidades que obtendría de este Consejero:

Visite nuestro sito Web para probar el Consejero de Compra de Hogar. Le ayudaremos a sentirse como en casa cuando busque y finalmente cuando compre su vivienda. También le podemos ayudar a sentirse bien en cuanto a su préstamo dado que le ofrecemos menos cargos que son más bajos, mejores tasas y un servicio personalizado. Para mayor información llámenos a [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

Our Car Buying Coach Helps You Get Winning Results

Are you in the market for a used car? Our credit union team now has the El Poder es Tuyo Used Car Buying Coach to help you get ahead in the car-buying game. This valuable new resource on our Web site offer insights on everything from researching dealer costs to negotiating with salespeople—all in Spanish

The more information you have going into the dealership, the more comfortable you’ll feel—and the better you’ll come out. Make sure you get the car and the price you want by training with our Used Car Buying Coach before you go shopping. Here are just a few of the advantages you get from the Coach:

Go to our Web site and take our Used Car Buying Coach for a test drive. We’ll help you get the vehicle that ’s best for you, and we can help you get the best loan, too. To find out more about our competitive auto interest rates and personal service, call us at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

This article translates to Spanish as:
Nuestro Consejero para la Compra de un Auto Usado le Ayudará a Conseguir una Buena Compra
¿Desea comprar un auto usado? Nuestro equipo en la credit union ahora tiene el Consejero para la Compra de un Auto Usado de El Poder es Tuyo para ayudarle con su compra. Este nuevo y valioso recurso  en nuestro sitio Web le ofrece consejos sobre la investigación del costo al distribuidor hasta la negociación con el vendedor.
Mientras más información tenga cuando llega al concesionario, se sentirá más cómodo—y tendrá mejores resultados. Asegúrese de obtener el auto y el precio que desea al educarse con nuestro Consejero de Compra de Auto Usado antes de ir de compras. Estos son solo unas de las ventajas del Consejero:

Vaya a nuestro sitio Web y familiarícese con el Consejero de Compra de Auto Usado. Le ayudaremos a comprar el mejor vehículo para usted- y le podemos ayudar a obtener el mejor préstamo también. Para mayor información sobre nuestras tasas de interés competitivas y nuestro servicio personal, llámenos a [INSERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].

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