National CU Brand Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the basic purpose of the National Credit Union Brand Campaign?
The long-term goal of the program is to communicate the credit union brand proposition to consumers, thereby strengthening relationships with current members and establishing new relationships with future members. The credit union brand proposition, developed through consumer research, can be stated simply as: "Your credit union treats you with respect, as a valued member. You can trust your credit union to look out for your interests, because credit unions are founded on the principle of caring about people, not just money."

2. Why should we get involved?
The first step in establishing a strong national credit union brand is the creation and distribution of a unifying graphic element (the brand signature) and slogan. Over time, and with widespread use throughout the credit union movement, the signature and slogan will gain recognition and will come to represent the core attributes of the credit union brand.

3. Does the brand signature replace our credit union or league logo?
No. The brand signature is a national symbol for the credit union movement. As such, it should be used in conjunction with the overall graphic identity of an individual league or credit union. Credit union, league and other organization logos/identities should always take predominance when run in conjunction with the brand signature and slogan.

4. Does the brand signature replace CUNA's logo?
No. CUNA will continue to use the "hands-and-globe" logo. The brand signature and slogan were designed to identify the cooperative credit union movement. Like other credit union organizations, CUNA will incorporate the brand signature and slogan where applicable, but will not replace the "hands-and-globe" logo.

5. Can we adopt the brand symbol (linked hands) as our own logo?
No. The brand symbol is a unifying graphic designed to represent the entire credit union movement… not a single credit union or credit union organization.

6. If we have our own credit union or league slogan, can we continue to use it along with the brand slogan ("where people are worth more than money")?
Yes, but make sure that they work together (are complementary) and are physically positioned in your materials as not to be confusing.

"People Helping People" Usage Guidelines

7. Can we use the brand slogan ("Where people are worth more than money") as our own credit union slogan?
Yes. However, for the greatest impact it is recommended that, wherever possible, the slogan run in conjunction with the brand signature.

8. We currently use the hands and globe "CU" collective service mark. Should we continue to do so?
That depends. If you are a CUNA member and use the collective service mark as your primary logo, then by all means, continue to use it. The brand signature and slogan can be used as a secondary mark in conjunction with the collective service mark. However, if you are using the collective service mark as a secondary mark, it is recommended that you replace it with the brand signature and slogan.

As a secondary mark, the choice is ultimately yours. Keep in mind the two marks represent different things:

Hands and globe collective service mark = Affiliation with CUNA
Brand signature = Affiliation with the American credit union movement

9. What are the possible color combinations for the brand signature?
The only two-color combination that is allowed for the brand signature is credit union red and credit union blue. (See the graphic standards for exact color specifications.) If you are using multiple colors and credit union red and credit union blue are not available, follow the guidelines for one-color usage.

The preferred one-color version is credit union blue. If credit union blue is not available, black is the next preferred choice. If neither credit union blue nor black are available, any other single color is allowed. Always select the darkest color available. For example, if your credit union's corporate colors are dark green and gold, the signature should be printed in all dark green.

10. Will other credit union groups use the signature and slogan?
Yes. The national brand strategy envisions a future where the campaign is fully integrated throughout the movement, promoting and delivering on the credit union brand proposition at every level – from national association/organization marketing to the face-to-face member services provided by credit unions.

11. How do credit unions and leagues obtain the artwork for the brand signature and slogan?
All leagues and credit unions (main offices only) were sent a Brand Campaign Tool Kit in August 1999. The kit included paper-based and electronic artwork for the brand signature and slogan. Downloadable artwork, as well as PDF files of the paper-based logo sheets, are now available on CUNA's Web site.

12. I'd like my vendors (ad agencies/check printers/ad specialty suppliers, etc.) to include the signature and slogan on some materials I'm having produced. What's the best way to handle this?
We recommend that you e-mail your vendors the art using either the CD-ROM from the tool kit or the downloadable artwork on CUNA's Web site. Or, simply transfer the art from one of these sources to a disk and send it to them. Paper-based slick sheets are also available in the tool kits and on the Web. Don't forget to include the graphic standards when supplying art to a vendor. (Note: All Tool Kit components except the video are available on CUNA's Web site.)

13. Who should we contact with additional questions?
Brand Campaign staff can be reached by calling CUNA at 800-356-9655, ext. 5778.