The Credit Union HLPR Mortgage

HLPR Mortgage

Home Loan Payment Relief
HLPR (pronounced "helper")

A "No Gimmicks" low-rate mortgage for first-time homebuyers from their credit union. Credit unions are encouraged to sign up, there is no deadline to do so.

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Letter from Dan Mica Regarding the Home Loan Payment Relief Program
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Statement from NCUA Chairman Johnson
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With high home prices and monthly payments, many first-time and modest means buyers have been frozen out of the market. Although credit unions can't produce more affordable housing, they can reduce monthly payments, enabling more borrowers to qualify.

Participating credit unions will offer one or more of the following mortgage products to their qualifying members:

To qualify, a borrower's household income must be 100% or less of the area median income, except for certain "high-cost" areas. The program lowers mortgage costs and increases eligibility to qualifying credit union members who are buying a house.

The program demonstrates credit unions' commitment to serve all their members, including those of modest means.

The program has been operating since 4th quarter, 2005.