Frequently Asked Questions About E-mail lists

What is an e-mail list and how does it work?

An e-mail list is an electronic mailing list that is made up of e-mail addresses. When you post a message to a list, it is delivered to all of the subscribers on the list. When you reply to a message from the list, that reply goes back to all of the list subscribers as well.

Please Note: Attachments will be rejected

To prevent the spread of viruses, the list serve does not accept e-mail attachments of any kind, including signature files or Virtual Business Cards. If you send a message containing an attachment to the list serve, it will be rejected.

How do I post a message to an e-mail list?

The following demonstrates how to post a message to each of CUNA's e-mail lists. (Remember, you must be a list subscriber before you can post a message.)

How do I know when I receive a message from an e-mail list?

Depending on the e-mail program that you use to access mail, you may see the message addressed from an individual subscriber or from the listname itself.

For example, if you subscribe to cu-exchange, you may see the message addressed From:; and you may also see the e-mail address from the actual subscriber such as

What if I subscribe to more than one e-mail list using the same e-mail address?

In short, you'll probably be receiving a fair amount of e-mail. But you'll always know what e-mail list the message is coming from by looking at the REPLY TO: field.

NOTE: It is important to remember that whenever you hit the REPLY or REPLY ALL button on a message from an e-mail list, that reply will be delivered to all subscribers on the list.

How do I remove my name from an e-mail list?

To remove yourself from any of the CUNA lists (cu-exchange, cunacouncils, cobweb); simply send an e-mail addressed to
Or you can click on the Unsubscribe link that is included in the "footer" of any message you recieve from the list

Are there any rules about e-mail and e-mail lists?


What happens if I send an e-mail to an e-mail list that I'm not subscribed to?

If you are subscribed to a list, but don't use that e-mail address when posting a message, the e-mail is not delivered to the list. It goes to the list administrator and usually is ignored or deleted.

CUNA's e-mail lists are not moderated

Once you've subscribed to any of CUNA's e-mail lists (cu-exchange, cobweb, cunacouncils); all messages that are correctly addressed will be posted to the list. CUNA does not censor any mail. But the e-mail list administrator does hold the right to remove individuals who abuse the list in any way.