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CUNA News Now: Man deposits 20 years worth of coins at CU

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Man deposits 20 years' worth of coins at CU

HERNDON, Va. (6/12/12)--George Shoemaker, a member of Northwest FCU, Herndon, Va., is proof that saving pocket change can pay off.
After 20 years of collecting pocket change, George Shoemaker, a member of Northwest FCU, Herndon, Va., delivers $7,124 in coins for deposit. (Photo provided by Northwest FCU)
Shoemaker recently brought in change that he had been saving for 20 years. After two hours of processing the change through the coin counter, Northwest FCU member service representatives informed Shoemaker he had accumulated $7,124.
"I decided back around 1990 to start saving my loose change," Shoemaker said. "I work at a grocery store as a meat cutter and had access to those old barrel style pickle jars to store my change. Today I had more than 20 big pickle jars full of pennies and coins."
Shoemaker said he will use the money toward his retirement.
"Some may see pocket change as a small or unimportant amount of money," said Northwest FCU President/CEO Gerrianne "Winky" Burks. "George's experience illustrates how saving small quantities can really add up."
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