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Can I Make It on My Own? student guide

Can I Make It on My Own? is a four-lesson classroom curriculum that introduces high school students to the basics of financial planning.
This 20-page full-color student guide and lesson plans encourage teenagers to plan and budget for adult independence.

Can I Make It on My Own? is great as a stand-alone product, but can also be used with students who have had their eyes opened by the Mad City Money™ budgeting simulation.

See a PDF sample of the entire guide.

Contents, which are correlated with national curriculum standards for personal finance, math, social studies, economics, and English, include:

Lesson 1: What does stuff really cost?
Using Consumer Price Index data, students examine recent average prices for basic goods in the real world.

Lesson 2: In the hunt for consumer goods
Using contemporary local print ads, students search for the prices of objects that satisfy scavenger hunt criteria, and then find cheaper alternatives, also locally.

Lesson 3: Buying power in time and space
Using Consumer Price Index data and an online calculator, students model the effect of inflation on prices and the value of a dollar. Using Cost-of-Living Index data, students compare the cost of maintaining the same standard of living in different U.S. cities.

Lesson 4: Building a budget
Students learn the components of a budget and practice creating one for a typical young, single adult with financial goals.

Also includes: