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Mortgage Refinancing: You Could Save a Bundle drive-up envelope


This drive-up envelope explains how lower rates and smaller payments are two reasons to refinance at the credit union. Features an eye-catching cover image with a garden in front of a home.

3.25" x 7"

See both sides.

Capture more of the market. Use this drive-up envelope to encourage members to bring their bank mortgages to your credit union.

Customization is available! You can customize any drive-up envelope by adding your credit union's four-color logo and message to the back and changing the "thank you" on the top flap. Learn more.

“In 2012, the marketing department and I purchased Mortgage Refinancing: You Could Save a Bundle, Home Equity Makes it Happen, Make the Switch to Paperless, Refinancing Puts Money in Your Pocket, and We’ve Got Your Ticket drive-up envelopes. Delivery is always timely, quality is good, and we haven’t had any problems. We look forward to working with CUNA and ordering more drive-ups in 2013.”
-Danny Schmidt with NEFCU in Westbury, New York

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Updated June 2010

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