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Do the Math: CU > Bank drive-up envelope


Turn new and current members into more profitable members by reminding them of the many ways to save through your credit union.

Free checking may have brought them to your credit union, but credit union members save even more with lower rates on loans. This simple drive-up envelope invites members to “do the math” and refinance at the credit union.

Slim 3.25" x 7" design fits well in drive-up tube carriers.

See a PDF of both sides.

Use this idea for a refinancing campaign. Order Switch to a CU T-shirts in your credit union’s colors for staff and new members. Plus — turn free matching art into flyers or print posters at Office Max saving 20% with this offer.

Customization is available! You can customize any drive-up envelope by adding your credit union's four-color logo and message to the back and changing the "thank you" on the top flap. Learn more.

“At White Eagle CU, we’ve always ordered our drive-up envelopes from CUNA. We really like the new, narrower, 3.25 inch wide envelopes. The simple and easy-to-understand message featured on the Do the Math: CU > Bank drive-up envelope made it a favorite among our members.”
-Janet Stowell with White Eagle CU from El Dorado, Kan.

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Released Nov. 2011

Stock #30117