The best way to understand CUNA CPDOnline is to see it in action. CUNA CPDOnline offers a variety of membership options to fit any credit union's training needs and budget. Each option provides access to our learning management system and all include e-mail and phone support at no extra charge.

Choose Your CUNA CPDOnline level:

Individual Courses & Exams

CUNA CPDOnline Membership

Which CUNA CPDOnline level do I need?

You're probably an individual course and exam user if...   You're probably a CUNA CPDOnline member if...
You are looking to train a few of your staff on specific topics only (ex. compliance for front-line staff).

You only have some staff looking for online training and/or want to continue using print courses with online exams.

Your ideal learning management system is your Excel spreadsheet.

You need an online training solution because you don't have one - or aren't happy with your current one.

You'd like to incorporate advanced curriculum design with proven training results for all credit union staff, managers and volunteers.

You'd like a learning management system you can use for reporting, tracking, showing the value of training and developing your staff.

A brief Q&A about getting started with CUNA CPDOnline:

  • How long does it take to get started? You can create your username and password right away. Enroll in a course and we’ll invoice your credit union.
  • How much does it cost to set up? There’s no cost to set up. We only charge for each course and exam taken. If you choose to be a CUNA CPDOnline member, you will receive access to the full learning management system for a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own.
  • Will I need lots of technical know-how to use CUNA CPDOnline? No.
  • Will I need to be skilled in HTML? No.
  • Will my IT staff have to be involved? Not usually, but you may want to let them know what you're thinking and share the computer requirements with them.
  • Will I need a website? It helps to supply links to CUNA CPDOnline via your credit union’s intranet, but you don't need a website to use CUNA CPDOnline. You only need Internet access.

Individual CUNA CPDOnline Courses & Exams
So, you’re past the trial, but not quite ready for a full membership. Or, you just want to take a few courses or need to take an online exam for one of CUNA’s print courses. That’s great! Take all of our courses and/or exams individually.

Each course is just $35. See the course list.

CUNA CPDOnline Pricing



CU Advance $35 each $15.50/exam
CU Advance Comprehensive Exam (Covering all courses within module)   $24.50/module
MERIT $35 each $29.50 each
CUNA Compliance Courses $35/course $15.50/exam
CUNA Compliance Comprehensive Exam (Comprehensive covering all courses within module)   $24.50/module
STAR $35 each $24.50 each
Training on Demand   $24.50 each
VAP $35 each $24.50 each

Start Taking A Course

To take a course or exam, log in to CUNA CPDOnline (new users can instantly create a username and password). We’ll simply invoice your credit union. Log in to CPDOnline and start taking a course or exam.

CUNA CPDOnline Memberships
Multiple CUNA CPDOnline membership options provide unlimited course and/or exam access in addition to these great benefits:

  • Advanced tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Enter other credit union training activity
  • Competency assessments and career pathing tools
  • Build your own assessments and development plans
  • $50 discount on CUNA Webinars
  • Load your credit union’s documents
  • E-mail notifications for learning activities, completion and progress
  • Maintain registration, wait lists, rosters and more for your other credit union training
  • Access to CUNA Credit Union Trainer's Portal
  • Up to $1,000 discount on CUNA Training Bundle
  • Access to iPad-ready courses
  • Option to add-on nearly 300 Skillsoft courses

Request your CUNA CPDOnline Membership inquiry online or call 800-356-9655, ext. 4072.

Small credit union discounts are available. See more.

For more information, call 800-356-9655, ext. 4072 or e-mail.

See more about CPDOnline.

** Subscriptions may be terminated by CUNA, or the subscription price may be unilaterally modified by CUNA, should there be an impending change to credit union’s affiliation status, or status as a credit union.


100% Guarantee CUNA Center for Professional Development is committed to providing a quality learning experience with cutting-edge topics and expert instructors. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, contact us and we'll provide you a full tuition refund or credit.

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