Trainers E-mail List

CUNA Center for Professional Development (CPD) is pleased to offer a network for credit union trainers in the Trainers E-mail List. The Trainers E-mail List is a community of credit union trainers. With the Trainers E-mail List, trainers have the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their peers.

The Trainers E-Mail List is for use by affiliated credit union staff only. The moderators of this list reserve the right to unsubscribe unauthorized users at their discretion.

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Access the web version of the Trainers E-mail List by clicking here.

Managing E-mail List Messages
The Trainers E-mail List is a great way to network with fellow trainers any time of the year. More and more trainers are joining the e-mail list, which means more information, more ideas, and yes, more e-mail! If you get overwhelmed with the number of e-mail messages, we suggest you make a rule to sort your e-mail messages.

Most e-mail programs allow you to create a "rule" to automatically sort incoming e-mail messages into a folder that you create. This keeps your in-box cleaner, and lets you read e-mail list postings whenever you're ready.

Setting up rules works a little differently in every e-mail program. If you're not familiar with how to do it, consult your mail program's Help or your credit union's technical support person. Just be sure your rule is looking for messages that contain the e-mail list address:

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact Brianne Gutoski at

Replying to the E-mail List
Just received an interesting message from the List? Want to reply and share your experiences? Here are a few tips to remember that will help to keep the e-mail list a valuable networking tool.

Public vs. Private Replies.
E-mail Lists are really just public e-mail discussions. By default, whenever you reply to a message that came from an e-mail List subscriber, you are replying to everyone on the list. If you want to respond to a particular individual, you need to change the address in the "To" field of your reply to go to that person.

Post Meaningful Messages.
Because your reply goes to all subscribers, it's best to avoid superfluous replies like "Me too," or "Thank[diffey e-mail programutoimrow"l/a>.

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